Chairman’s Foreword
Mothusi Molokomme
Board Chairman

A very warm welcome to the South African Business Forum in Botswana (SABF)

In an increasingly interconnected world, commerce continues to transcend boundaries as it has done for centuries, but much more in today’s age than it has ever before. Many businesses find home in different parts of the world from where they originate and increasingly host countries have become an important part of many businesses’ success stories. Botswana, as host to many businesses that originate from different parts of the world, plays host to a significantly higher number of South African equity-owned businesses. South Africa is Botswana’s biggest trade partner and the two countries have bilateral agreements across a range of areas. Conceptualised in 2015 with the backing of the South African High Commission, the South African Business Forum in Botswana (SABF) was officially registered in 2016 bringing together primarily SA-equity owned businesses to advance the interest of their members and more importantly to contribute to Botswana’s competitiveness and economic advancement for the mutual benefit of both Botswana and South Africa. SABF member businesses have a mandate to do business in a socially responsible manner exhibiting good corporate citizenry.


To date the SABF has a total of sixteen members from various industries. More potential members continue to show interest in the activities of the Association. Key amongst its achievements is the signing of a Memorandum in 2018 with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Development to assist with youth enterprises development. To this end the Association has held various forums for various youth development businesses. The Association commits to continue with this endeavour, and other similar tasks and I look forward to having more businesses joining the Association.


As Chairman, I look forward to seeing the successful implementation of our current strategy aimed at ensuring a formidable and business relationship with our host country & contributing effectively to the growth of Botswana’s economy and leaving a lasting legacy!

  • Mothusi :