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Secretariat’s Office

Here are some of the major roles of the secretariat.


Raise funding for the operation of the forum and implementation of its activities from member fees, earn marketing revenues generated from hosting relevant public events, exhibitions, trade shows, research, compilation and dissemination of periodicals and any other communication platform approved by the Forum leadership as advancing the interest of member companies and the Forum

Information Portal

Be a channel to provide information to members’ companies on regional and local business opportunities, in so doing encourage local linkages and collaborations between Botswana companies, executives from both countries and other complimentary business interests in the region

Communication Channel

Develop and maintain positive communication channels with key stakeholders across the socio-economic landscape including, but not limited to government departments, ministries, other business and civic associations in Botswana and in the region, to ensure Forum members’ interests are protected and advanced.




Create a positive image of South African companies and South Africa in Botswana

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